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Fluffy pillows. I want fluffy pillows... [Mar. 29th, 2004|08:15 am]
[Current Music |Black - Drain STH]

I think I am begining to see a patern. People visit me and I stop cleaning. or rather I let it wait. Now, if you're as lazy as I am, putting off anything for any reason is a very very bad thing. It gives you to much opportunity to talk yourself out of it.

Anyways, what that basically boils down to is....It is time for Erik to stay at his own home for awhile so that I may get things cleaned up once more and the laundry stuff actually started. Eh, and maybe I'll get some sleep. *rubs sleep filled eyes and yawns*

Sent out mass e-mail today. Worked. Well, sort of. We'll see I guess. I haven't gotten my coffee yet this morning, so my thoughts are still a bit scattered. Lets see, what else has been done for the site. Threads are finally fully cleaned, some restarted and locked. Explained in the mass e-mail why things were being done....but haven't really had any questions on it, which I find odd. Asked Sands last night if I could have Divination....The subject interested me. So, today I'm going to be going through the classes board and fixing up my classrooms and whoever I happen to see online. Hopefully those will all be done before next weekend. Seeing as I have to work and I'm avoiding the board from work in case I ever do need it and they decide to block it. Bitches. *shrugs* I just need to get DSL or cable here at home. Maybe try to fit it into next years budget. Doubtful, but might. Going back to school would be more beneficial to me. So, probably going to end up there.

And oh well holy hell! I updated rules last night. Which in and of itself is a good thing, a few things needed to be amended. However, the rule in which I have been trying to put up since....when was our staff meeting? 24th?.....still is not up. My stupid ass keeps forgetting after I get the window open to do so. I think I've berated myself enough over it though that this time it just might stick. Otherwise, the kiddies don't have time to get their one class in before becoming a squib. :P

Meh. I must go get my coffee. No...nevermind...after digging through the board and still having no Quinton down here, I'm going to push my luck and try to take a nap on the couch until he wakes up.

Hibachi = very good. *grins*

[User Picture]From: tifsuz
2004-04-08 01:06 pm (UTC)


*hands over a cup of the life giving substance* Alright, you've napped long enough dear. GET UP! *grins*
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