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Ahhhhhhh [Apr. 9th, 2004|06:36 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Slackerbitch - Placebo]

One would think that I would at least attempt to update this.

Sorry, have been distracted by other things lately (read: Firefly) and haven't gotten to it. With this being easter weekend, doubt I'll get much of anything done I'm supposed to. Although I think cleaning/laundry is a must now. Hmmm. Oh well, boring stuff.

I'm sorting out my list of members today at work if I can. Hopefully have it clean enough I can start work on it Monday evening. Have to set meeting times also, which I'll probably do this evening, baring all complications that are bound to arrise (ie. Firefly marathon to finish the series before it needs returned). Think though that I will set three meetings. IC meeting, OOC meeting and a little OOC party type thing since everyone is wanting it. Dunno, we'll see. Also need the updated student list from people, but might be able to get them today from the site as I update memember list, assuming that everyone has kept an enrolement thread and kept it up to date.

Going to finish my lessons for the rest of this term and then begin more dedicated work to the wizarding world site. Would like to make sure that is up and running by the start of next term. But! This means that Lauren, Erik and myself need to get together to set up the background for the world.

Tonight I go to buy a new friggin chair. Back's been killing me and Ithink this chair is the problem. Cuz it's better on the nights I -haven't- spent in it. Meh.

K, must get ready for work now. Someone shoot me. It's bound to be more appealing than going in today.

[User Picture]From: turtle_chan
2004-04-10 02:00 pm (UTC)
it is always better with you get "gifts" of things you "need".

Have a happy easter!!!!
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